Two Days

Two Days

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”– Mark Twain

Ask yourself if you are truly happy with what you are doing. Do you look at the clock waiting to go home at the end of the day? Or do you eagerly wait until you get to go back the next morning. The answer should be the latter when you find out why you were born. I know this day will come. I don’t know when but I can’t wait to be surprised when this realization comes.

I know I have talked about overcoming obstacles and figuring out my career path in previous posts, but this quote provides more meaning for my story. I have struggled with finding what I am meant to do with my life and I think we truly can’t plan when this is going to happen. I’m still not sure if nutrition and fitness is what I was meant to do even though it is what I am currently passionate about. We could find out when we are 16, 30, or 60 but when we do have this realization, everything seems to fall into place.

IMG_1470It is important not to rush this and enjoy the journey. We could land our perfect job but still not know if this is what we were born to do. I haven’t experienced this yet, but I think that we find out why we were born when our job brings pure joy both to us and to the people we interact with. It reminds me of the phrase “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” Our job should almost make us feel like we are living a dream because we never want the feelings to end.

The labyrinth provides the perfect symbolism because it represents the purposeful journey to finding our wholeness. We feel a sense of wholeness and fulfillment when our heart knows that we are doing what we were destined to do. I had never walked through a labyrinth before this but I was intrigued by the guide’s story about it’s meaning before each of the members in the group took turns and walked through in silence.

Downward Dog

Downward Dog

Our pets can teach us a lot about life. I have grown up with Hungarian Vizlas since I was little. Just as the quote below says, we are our pets’ whole lives and they only know how to love. They bring us joy every day and allow us to smile during hard times. When we bond with our pets, we can more easily bond with others.

“Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day. It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them” – John Grogan, Marley and Me

My first dog Duna (the Hungarian name for the Danube River in Hungary) was born on Halloween and lived to be 16.

Taz was our second dog and he lived to be 7. He passed away suddenly about ten years ago from a heart tumor that we didn’t know about.

Romeo (Romie) was born on Valentine’s day and is 9 years old. He has a white patch on his chest that looks like a bowtie!

Zoltan (Zolie) will be 3 on June 10th. He’s our silly little swimmer who always makes us smile. He’s our only dog who learned how to swim and likes the water!

My Dad always wanted male dogs to balance out the gender ratio of the house  🙂

Bucket List

Bucket List

“On the other side of fear is JOY”

My beautiful friend who inspired me to start this blog shared this quote with me a few years ago and it has resonated with me since. When you think about it, we avoid fears to keep ourselves comfortable and out of danger. But what if facing some of those fears could actually make us happier and able to live a more beautiful life? Until I started embracing the meaning of this quote about 6 months ago, I was stuck in a rut. My daily routine was comfortable but something about it was stale. I needed something to elevate my life. So, 6 months ago, my friend encouraged me to write a bucket list since I had never written one. I had always thought of bucket list items as something extreme like skydiving, going on a wild vacation, or something else that might not in reality be achievable. It’s the small feats we thought we could never experience that can bring us more joy than an extreme vacation that eventually ends and may be forgotten. What I realized is that a bucket list can include small things too. And sometimes this is better. My bucket list included learning how to ride a bike, going to my high school reunion, and trying something new. Bucket lists should be renamed bravery lists because these three things and the others that I haven’t mentioned all require bravery to accomplish.

Other goals that I set before the bucket list were flipping upside down on an aerial yoga silk and learning how to do a forearm inversion. I’m still working on the inversion but I was scared to death to go upside down on the silk. I almost bailed halfway and wanted to get out of it immediately. But if I hadn’t done that, I would have been asking myself for days, “what if?” Sometimes it’s the people who we share the experience that who help us through the fear. The friend I have been referring to made me feel safe in this moment so I knew that the worst thing that would happen is that I would get dizzy while all the blood rushed to my head!

I always try to keep “what if” in my mind when I am thinking about doing something that could lead to a positive outcome in my life. We should, however, not be afraid to do something that could lead to disappointment because we don’t always know the outcome and will still question ourselves if we bail. It sounds counterintuitive, but facing what we fear can almost always lead to joy if we take the leap and trust the process.

The Journey is the Goal

The Journey is the Goal

“Learning never ends and the journey is different for everyone. My journey had some detours and unexpected setbacks but I am still getting where I want to be–on my time”

Back to my journey of finding my passion and joy for health and fitness. While most of my peers finished college in the typical four years, my journey was a little longer and I am still on this journey. Do we really ever stop learning though? At first, I felt embarrassed and self-conscious that I hadn’t graduated at the same time as other people my age but what I realize now is that I am doing what is right for me. Not something that someone else thinks is right. Learning never ends and the journey is different for everyone. My journey had some detours and unexpected setbacks but I am still getting where I want to be–on my time.

During my first two years of college, I was a Secondary Education major. My goal was to teach English at my high school because I wanted so bad to be back there. Leaving high school was hard for me because it meant leaving a place that I finally grew comfortable in and leaving a few of the teachers who became mentors and who drove and still continue to drive my success. For my spring break freshman year, I asked my mom if we could go to Florida. We had been going to Naples for several years and I wanted to go back. My mom told me that she heard about a great spa in Arizona that she wanted to go to and that I would love because I always enjoy doing something. My mom reminded me that I always get really bored laying on the beach for hours on end. I decided that this spa trip could be fun so my mom, grandma, and I went on this trip. Little did I know that this trip would change my life. I learned to enjoy exercise and learned how to eat better. I have been going back every year for the last 11 years and the place captures my heart even more with every visit. After my second year in college, I began to question if I was meant to do something else since I wasn’t sure if I liked education. This was also the time that I injured my back working out so I took a year off of school to reconsider what I wanted to do. I was discussing my concerns with my mom when she mentioned that a friend completed her degree in Dietetics. I had never heard of dietetics but I immediately started reading everything about it that I could and I was sold! A major where I could learn about food and classes where I could cook?! This was exciting. This major was nothing short of challenging. I didn’t take chemistry in high school so the numerous science classes like organic chemistry, microbiology, and biochemistry were like studying a foreign language. I loved the field of health so much that I did everything I could to get through these courses. I got help from tutors and did the best I could. While I got B’s or C’s in all of these classes, I was proud of myself for sticking with it and not letting the challenge defeat me. After graduating with my degree in Dietetics, I did not pursue the Registered Dietitian credential but I knew that I wanted to continue learning about sports nutrition. Two years later, I stumbled upon a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Human Performance at a local university. I loved all of the classes I could take and was excited that I could specialize in sports and fitness nutrition. In January of 2016, I took the leap and started my Master’s degree. The past two and some years later I am humbled by where I am in my life and look forward to what exciting things are ahead.