Nourish1Besides fitness, one of my favorite hobbies is cooking and baking. When I was little, I always loved helping my mom in the kitchen. One of my favorite memories is helping my Mamama (grandmother in Hungarian) bake at least a dozen kinds of Hungarian cookies and pastries for Christmas. My sisters, cousins, and I would go over to her house and help her bake. Not an hour into baking, everyone would be out of the kitchen and playing somewhere else while I stayed and helped. Over several years, I learned how to make each recipe and still have a collection of those recipes with my original handwriting. Now that my Mamama is 96 years young, I have taken over the Christmas baking and continue the tradition every year. Any time my mom says “let’s not make that this year” I convince her that we need to because everyone will ask where it is! It brings me joy to carry on a tradition that has been in my Mamama’s family since she was a young child. Many of the recipes are her mother’s and grandmother’s.

Look for some of my favorite recipes to this page coming soon!